RED ❤️

**Flicks Hair**

I’ve now cut all these lovely long locks off.. I was getting super tired of my hair, I’ve done it once before and got too jealous of seeing the likes of Olivia Culpo rocking her beautiful bob, so snip, and the hair was gone. Im going to try and keep it up this time 💇🏻

Anyway.. RED, the power colour.

Colour of the season, I have embraced this trend in the form of jumpers, trousers and shoes. All or nothing kinda gal’..

Again a great way to brighten up your outfit with a statement colour like red. This jumper was more of an orangey red which I love! The jumper is from Mango and you can get it now.

I paired it with my new Alexander McQueen trainers and you you guessed it, they are red metallic on the backs 😉


Sunglasses; MIU MIU

Jumper; Mango


Shoes; Alexander McQueen

There are so many hot pieces out there at the moment, so to keep to the current theme, here are my weekly picks you can grab now & they’re all red ❤️ 


  1. Y.A.S Red Dress LOVE this from ASOS!
  2. Bec & Bridge Red satin top LOVE this from ASOS!
  3. River Island red heels Checkout this Red high vamp block heel sandals from River Island
  4. ASOS red long sleeved mini dress LOVE this from ASOS!
  5. Givenchy heels
  6. Zimmerman dress
  7. Missguided Red heeled sandals
  8. Missguided Red aviator Jacket LOVE this from ASOS!




Two of my favourite things, a PRINT and a SHIFT dress, in one!

I love this dress, I think it looks super high fashion and reminds me of one of my favourite ‘collab’ designers, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. This dress is from our favourite high street store, ZARA. It is priced at the higher end of the scale, retailing at £69.99 but you won’t believe how many compliments I had for this dress, totally worth it. And it looks ten times the price it actually is.

I had a great night when I wore this dress. Plans were to visit one of my favourite low key Italian restaurants in London, Da Mario, Gloucester Road (which was beaut as ever), if you’re ever in London and want authentic Italian food, I highly recommend it. 

However, post dinner drinks turned into a Sloane Square club, Tonteria, with my PIC, how this happened I will never know, but in my opinion, these are the funniest, most memorable nights! Wild..

If you like the look of this dress, I do think that Zara have other lovely similar ones, so I am going to tag my favourite picks, similar to this look here for you below, hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do.

Much love,

GT xo





  1. Zara Red dress
  2. TOPSHOP Black heeled sandals
  3. Zara floral shift dress
  4. Zara velvet wrap dressé-velvet-midi-dress-p02731255.html?v1=4795118&v2=733887
  5. TOPSHOP polka dot shift dress



And I am back in retail heaven people, AGAIN!

I have just been away on a girlie to London. Full of shopping and sitting in champagne bars sipping on my drink of the weekend, a Lychee Martini. I feel like all I speak about is clothes and drink..

Anyway, I love being in London because any outing is an excuse to dress up. Here I am in High Street Kensington ready for a day out, hitting the high street. Speaking of which, this look is almost completely TOPSHOP, still available and super affordable (links below).

I love these boots, they are last years but I feel like you can still get some really similar ones in Topshop and there are some even nicer 😍. These still have some life in them so I can’t justify investing in another pair just yet..

A leather skirt and leather boots is quite a strong look so it was nice to soften it a little with this baby pink jumper, just to make it a little more feminine. Im a huge fan of keeping the legs out in winter and leather is a great way to cling on to this look, so I have a similar post coming this way very soon 👀..

P.S. Here I am with a non alcoholic drink, it does happen occasionally I promise..








Citron 🍋

When life gives you lemons.. buy a tshirt with lemons on?

I loved this outfit this week, it was for a mid week dinner, because lord knows, we aren’t just allowed to enjoy ourselves on a weekend! Everyone deserves a glass of something on a Wednesday.

I love pairing a funky print tshirt with a good pair of tailored trousers, I live for this look!

The trousers in the photo literally do not owe me a penny, I have worn them so much, they’re so easy to wear and go with absolutely everything. That’s why I have them in white too..

My best advice with smart casual looks like these? Your best weapon is always accessories. Everyone has their staple pieces of jewellery to make your look come to life. And mine is my beloved Loewe necklace and a good pair of statement earrings. The ones I am wearing in the photo are newbies that I am trying out and fit in with this astronomical trend we can see coming through to our favourite shops. Moons and stars 🌛








The life of Me


So, I’ve started a blog.. Not because I want to jump on the ‘blog bandwagon’ but because I am a sort of ‘Shopaholic’.

I want this to be a space where I share my ideas and LOVE of clothes with the big wide world. Fashion is my thing, and if I can share this with people and they like what I do then I have a good thing going.

In a world of such influential social media, especially Instagram, I feel like we see so many beautiful people in their beautiful clothes and we’re all thinking, “I HAVE TO HAVE THAT OUTFIT”.. And its never tagged!

So this is what I am setting out to do, I want to carry on being the mad shopaholic that I am, but I want to share this with all you lovely people on my way. I will post about latest purchases, where I got them from to all the new latest trends coming through whether we can get them designer or even better, HIGH STREET.

So that’s me, Gabrielle and I am here to tell you all my fashion secrets, stay posted xo




Location ; The Cinnamon Club, London