Hi Loves,

Apologies for my hiatus, personal life beckons and I’ve had my creative hat on for a couple of weeks. Sometimes life just needs to reboot.

While I’ve been away, there hasn’t been all that much time for glamour so the above outfit is a little something that I posted on my Insta last week. A little casual glam for you all, 90’s baby and all.. My top and shoes are both from Zara and my jeans are TOPSHOP. Links down here.

Since I last posted, I have been away skiing, which was so much fun! The type of holiday where you can’t digest it all when you’re there, but as soon as you return you miss the pretty mountains and the pretty bottles of pale rose wine.. Im home for quite a while now so hopefully you’ll be getting quite a few posts out of me. I plan to divide my time between work and the my gym. For those of you like me, when sometimes you just need a PT in the gym but we can’t all live like the Kardashians with different PTs coming out of our ears every day and need a little direction to your gym routine. I highly recommend Katie Wrights Instagram videos! They are super easy to follow and include minimal gym equipment. Anyway, the woman sells herself, have you seen that body?! I’ll link this at the bottom of the post for those of you that are interested!

Along with my little fitness segment this week, we’ll all need some clothes to put on these sexy body’s of ours after all these workouts. So scroll down for my Edit this week which will all be linked for you to take advantage of and shop.

Lovely to be back,

GT xo








  1. Dr Denim Bleached denim shorts
  2. Leopard print duster coat
  3. Button flippy denim dress
  4. Analisa polka dot dress
  5. Pink satin wide leg trousers
  6. Open knit sweater
  7. Pinstripe jumpsuit
  8. Striped camisole top
  9. Denim skirt

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