This week is all about Navy Blues, inspired by my get up for this post.

*What idiot leaves their bag open for a photo?! ME*

I hope you are all having a wonderful week doing whatever it is that you do and you all survived Beast from the East part 2 last weekend..

I was all ready for Spring vibes and then it decided to snow which really killed it for me. I was FREEZING last weekend and was not much fun due to my heavy weekend previous, which we spoke about last week (GIRLS NIGHT πŸ’―).. Not to be mentioned again.

I am ready for a whole new weekend of antics as its 3 of my girl’s birthdays this month, so its safe to say Saturday will be interesting. None of us really drink that much so I’m sure it will be a very civilised gathering 😳… I will be celebrating in London, so my party outfit for the big city is at the ready & I will share with you all next week!

Getting back to the outfit of the week; I love my jeans pictured above! I am a total convert. You usually can always catch me in black jeans, so this, ‘MOM’ look is so fresh and different for me. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Make the change people, take it from me. The jeans are from TOPSHOP of course, I never buy jeans anywhere else, they really nail it.

I have been Shop Shop SHOPPIIINGG this week, the kind where you get so much in one store, you get to the till and pick about three extra items up because you’ve come this far, why the hell not, practically a drop in the ocean at this point..

I will list some of my buys in this weeks Edit for you all to shop! Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t kids πŸ˜‚.

G xo







  1. ASOS Design blouse
  2. Zara side stripe trousers
  3. Zara knitted skirt
  4. Zara tuxedo jacket
  5. Zara striped sandals
  6. Zara sunglasses
  7. ALDO heels
  8. TOPSHOP bobble knit
  9. TOPSHOP spotted mesh top

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