My last summer inspired post I swear 😂


I hope you’re all well and have had a good week so far. Im super excited today as Radio 1 announced that their Big Weekend will be hosted in none other than SWANSEA. Which is my lovely hometown! I definitely, need to be there..

So in other news, all is well in my little life. I ventured up to London last weekend on a sneaky journey for secret projects.. While we were there we did my fave things, which would be visiting Selfridges for cocktails and their truffle fries, my all time favourite tradition! Wined and Dined in Gaucho’s which was also lovely and then back on the M4 Sunday to get home. A quick dash in and out of London, all you need.

I lived there for 3 years while I did my degree so as nice as it is to visit, its also nice to come back home. Far from the hustle and bustle, I like a non stress life..

I do need to get out more, I feel like I haven’t got dressed up for a long time now which I really need to do for all my lovely followers, keeping it current and chic for you all! So, yes, I promise next week we will have a different vibe of outfit. Especially as it will be February and we will be the other side of January blues, no excuses..

In other exciting news, everyone seen the new collection coming through for Zara? Giving me life guys, so expect to see a lot of links to Zara in my edits for weeks to come..

GT x



  1. Valentino Bag
  2. Michelle Mason Red Dress
  3. TOPSHOP Wide Leg Trousers
  4. Pam & Gela Khaki Jacket
  5. Nanushka Hide Jacket
  6. River Island Slides
  7. H&M Slogan T-Shirt
  8. Nancy Gonzalez Pink Bag
  9. Moon River Oversized Cardigan

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