Chrissy X Revolve ðŸ–Ī


Jacket Goals by the beautiful Chrissy Teigen on Revolve. I absolutely love her, a woman who is a force of nature while being effortlessly beautiful and so funny at the same time.

This weeks post is a little more day time, dress down which is great as we spend 75% of our time in casuals and if you’re like me, as soon as I’m through the door to come home, my comfies are straight on for the evening.

So obviously the statement of the outfit is the beautiful Jacket. As soon as I saw it on Chrissy, I LOVED it and had to have it. I love coming across rare finds like this. Its so different and eye catching. The type of thing you wear out and about and around 10 people stop you to ask where its from. The best feeling. Mind you, not everyones cup of tea, which is fine as we are all different!


Obviously Chrissy looked super sexy in it, which you think when it arrives you’ll look exactly the same inch of sexy, not always the case people 😂. But we can all rock looks in different ways. The beauty of something like this is, some one else would style this completely differently than I would, which I love to see, as we can all pick up tips of one another!

So on to the understated aspect of my outfit, my Joggers! They are my favourite buy of the season, 100%. I bought them at the beginning of Autumn and they are the softest most comfiest pair of trousers, they’re like Cashmere! I have them in two other similar designs and they are all still available for you to get now. They fit in with most of my outfits and are a great alternative to jeans. LOVE.

Below is a list of where you can get my outfit and my edit this week is on casual looks for you, that are still acceptable to wear out in public (not our comfies) 🙌🏞âœĻ.






SHOES; LOVE this from ASOS!



  1. Boohoo ruffle cardi LOVE this from ASOS!
  2. Pretty little thing stripe cardi LOVE this from ASOS!
  3. Zara joggers
  4. Millie Mackintosh Quality tshirt LOVE this from ASOS!
  5. TOPSHOP pink jumper
  6. Gucci trainers
  7. TOPSHOP slogan tshirt
  8. Isabel marant trainers
  9. Pretty little thing fine knit jumper
  10. Missguided Red shaggy cardigan




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