Date night 🔥


Introducing ‘The Bob’ people..

So, Tuesday is normally our date night, because, lets face it, Tuesday is dull! Everyone deserves a pick me up on a Tuesday, you’ve made it through the toughest days of the week, Monday and Tuesday.

Sorry guys, bit negative of me, I’m not the best with PMA and all that. Im really not one to be screaming from the roof tops about “Every day is an opportunity”.. Mondays and Tuesdays are a bit lame in my book.

So yes date night, I went out for a lovely dinner with my beau and I like to get dressed up for date night when I can, keep them on their toes.

We’re continuing with the Red theme guys, these trousers I picked up from Mango. I really like this pair because I struggle to find a good fit in a pair of trousers. If you’re like me, not exactly lacking in the bum and thighs department, which I’m not hating on!

But it means that I do sometimes, struggle to find a nice fit in the likes of Zara etc, so this pair from Mango are a godsend. They aren’t too long or flared, this way they compliment a smaller leg and don’t drown me!

I  didn’t want the outfit to be too conservative so I added this statement Zara bag and my new midnight blue metallic heels from Topshop, which were in the sale, lucky find & still available! They really make the outfit more current and eye catching. Im loving  a colour clash at the moment, red against blue, who knew..



TOP; ASOS LOVE this from ASOS!


SHOES; Topshop

BAG; Zara


This week my edit will be on ‘Date night’ outfit pieces for you to shop or if you don’t ‘date night’, then pieces that will make you feel like a babe if you’re taken or single!

  1. Topshop Red Glitter Heels
  2. Zara Embellished heeled boots
  3. Topshop Embellished Cami dress
  4. Topshop Black feather skirt
  5. Y.A.S Green trouser suit LOVE this from ASOS!
  6. Topshop Black feather trouser suit
  7. Topshop striped sequin trousers
  8. ASOS trapeze shirt dress LOVE this from ASOS!
  9. ASOS tux pearl mini dress LOVE this from ASOS!

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