Month: November 2017


Hi Guys, 

How exciting is this?! Welcome to my first week of my new feature here on Gabrielle Tells, which will be ‘BUY OR BYE 💸👋🏼’. 

This new addition to my site will take the focus of my own fashion adventures on a Wednesday and bring celebrity and social fashion highlights on a Thursday ✨ 

I will break down a look which has caught my eye and where we buy it for ourselves, if we want.. Some you’ll love but maybe some, you’ll loath! Hence the feature ‘BUY OR BYE’ 

I will be doing Polls every Thursday on my Instagram (which can be found in the menu bar) to see what you guys actually think 😱.

So without further ado, introducing my first ‘BUY OR BYE’ beauty, the lovely Maya Jama 😍 

I absolutely love following Maya as she’s super active on social media, she’s doing so well at the moment and is so funny to follow. Here she is ata BAFTA event wearing none the less Burberry and Giuseppe Zanotti 👏🏼 

Photo credit; Maya Jama Instagram

I think this is a really classic look but she’s managed to really vamp it up looking super hot! Obviously Burberry will be on the more pricey end of the scale and I will list the links of where you can get the authentic outfit, if you’ve got it 😉..

But maybe, for those of us who can’t quite justify the price tags just yet, I think we can really find some great look a like pieces to compete with this look! 
So here is where you can buy the Burberry pieces; 

Shirt; not available but a similar jumper



And for those looking for a more cost affordable option but just as gorgeous;   


BROOCH; (For if you already have a white shirt)





I mean, where do I start with this post. COAT 🙌🏼

I say this every week but really, this is my favourite blog to date. The colours. Green and Pink are a marriage made in fashion heaven.

I love experimenting with colour, like I’ve said in other blog posts, its something that I never used to do but it really makes you feel so much better, and gives you a lot more variety.

I have been waiting for a coat like this for so long. Its something I dreamt about in my head, of having an in your face coat. Finally, Furs by Natalia, gave me the opportunity to make it a reality and made this beautiful ‘Dragonfruit’ baby for me.

Everyone check them out, they are on my Instagram and you can find them on @fursbynatalia. They are 100% the best around. I am so pleased with the quality of all my purchases from them, I’m on my third coat now 😍. 

I don’t know about everyone else, but November has literally been non-stop and I’m not even exaggerating. I think these past few weeks have been the busiest of my life. So my weekends have been my safe haven of trying to regain some energy and of course let my hair down a little. Not that I have my long locks to let down anymore, but you get what I mean 💁🏻.

So I was off out for some ‘quiet drinks’, I don’t even know why we use that figure of speech, I don’t think I have ever been out for one G&T successfully. So yes, off out I went in my Green and Pink. I cannot wait to wear this coat out and about more now that the weather has got super cold. Sometimes its fun to see people reactions to what you wear when it’s this loud of a look. We are all SO different.

Since I really went for it with the Green and the Pink, AND by the way my top is from M&S, can you believe it?! They must have a new designer as some of the stuff in there at the moment is so good, you’re going to think I’m mad but trust me if you look..

I digress, SO I thought, what the hell and wore the most colourful bag and shoes I could get my hands on too. So, I’m testiment to colour, this Wednesday my Edit will be ‘Rainbow’ themed. All the colours you can think of, because trust me, they make you feel so much better than wearing black at times, we all need a little light in our lives.




COAT; Furs by Natalia


BELT; Gucci

SHOES; Christian Louboutin




  1. Vetements X Manolo Blahnik
  2. ASOS Green Mongolian fur coat
  3. ZARA sequinned trousers
  4. Sacred Hawk yellow satin dress
  5. ASOS Green shirt
  6. ZARA Blue satin heels
  7. ASOS Pink dress
  8. River island pink satin heels
  9. TOPSHOP Red leather look skirt





Chrissy X Revolve 🖤


Jacket Goals by the beautiful Chrissy Teigen on Revolve. I absolutely love her, a woman who is a force of nature while being effortlessly beautiful and so funny at the same time.

This weeks post is a little more day time, dress down which is great as we spend 75% of our time in casuals and if you’re like me, as soon as I’m through the door to come home, my comfies are straight on for the evening.

So obviously the statement of the outfit is the beautiful Jacket. As soon as I saw it on Chrissy, I LOVED it and had to have it. I love coming across rare finds like this. Its so different and eye catching. The type of thing you wear out and about and around 10 people stop you to ask where its from. The best feeling. Mind you, not everyones cup of tea, which is fine as we are all different!


Obviously Chrissy looked super sexy in it, which you think when it arrives you’ll look exactly the same inch of sexy, not always the case people 😂. But we can all rock looks in different ways. The beauty of something like this is, some one else would style this completely differently than I would, which I love to see, as we can all pick up tips of one another!

So on to the understated aspect of my outfit, my Joggers! They are my favourite buy of the season, 100%. I bought them at the beginning of Autumn and they are the softest most comfiest pair of trousers, they’re like Cashmere! I have them in two other similar designs and they are all still available for you to get now. They fit in with most of my outfits and are a great alternative to jeans. LOVE.

Below is a list of where you can get my outfit and my edit this week is on casual looks for you, that are still acceptable to wear out in public (not our comfies) 🙌🏼✨.






SHOES; LOVE this from ASOS!



  1. Boohoo ruffle cardi LOVE this from ASOS!
  2. Pretty little thing stripe cardi LOVE this from ASOS!
  3. Zara joggers
  4. Millie Mackintosh Quality tshirt LOVE this from ASOS!
  5. TOPSHOP pink jumper
  6. Gucci trainers
  7. TOPSHOP slogan tshirt
  8. Isabel marant trainers
  9. Pretty little thing fine knit jumper
  10. Missguided Red shaggy cardigan




Day & Night 🌙

I love transforming outfits, and sometimes its as easy as just changing your shoes!

I planned to be out all day when I wore this outfit and was going away for the night to watch a comedy stand up and some lovely Italian food after. So I wanted to wear something comfortable but also pack some fancy foot wear that I could change into for the evening, to make the look a little more formal.

I love a shirt and a leather skirt, it always reminds me of Millie Mackintosh. The woman can rock an outfit like this, she has legs for days. Millie has actually created her own beautiful clothing line which I love and definitely is worth investing in if like me, you love looks like these.

The top I am wearing here is actually H&M, I love the print! My yellow heels are one of my favourite purchases this year, they are exactly the same as the ‘Caribe’ sandals by Gianvito Rossi but mine are a £39 ‘Riley’ Topshop pair. Great find and still available in the yellow and other colours!

I seem to always revert to looks similar to this when Im either in a rush and have to put something together quickly that I know will look good. OR when Im having a complete breakdown as I have ‘nothing’ to wear (when actually, I have a wardrobe bursting with clothes). So, for me, its well worth investing in nice shirts/blouses like this for my wardrobe as a safety option!

✨ I have put together my little montage for you, of my favourite bits on how to create looks like this. Scroll down to shop ✨








  1. Aeryne Blouse LOVE this from ASOS!
  2. Millie Mackintosh Blouse LOVE this from ASOS!
  3. Crystal skirt Topshop
  4. Red Riley heels
  5. TOPSHOP oragami blouse
  6. Missguided polka dot blouse
  7. H&M green blouse
  8. H&M green suede skirt
  9. TOPSHOP boots


Date night 🔥


Introducing ‘The Bob’ people..

So, Tuesday is normally our date night, because, lets face it, Tuesday is dull! Everyone deserves a pick me up on a Tuesday, you’ve made it through the toughest days of the week, Monday and Tuesday.

Sorry guys, bit negative of me, I’m not the best with PMA and all that. Im really not one to be screaming from the roof tops about “Every day is an opportunity”.. Mondays and Tuesdays are a bit lame in my book.

So yes date night, I went out for a lovely dinner with my beau and I like to get dressed up for date night when I can, keep them on their toes.

We’re continuing with the Red theme guys, these trousers I picked up from Mango. I really like this pair because I struggle to find a good fit in a pair of trousers. If you’re like me, not exactly lacking in the bum and thighs department, which I’m not hating on!

But it means that I do sometimes, struggle to find a nice fit in the likes of Zara etc, so this pair from Mango are a godsend. They aren’t too long or flared, this way they compliment a smaller leg and don’t drown me!

I  didn’t want the outfit to be too conservative so I added this statement Zara bag and my new midnight blue metallic heels from Topshop, which were in the sale, lucky find & still available! They really make the outfit more current and eye catching. Im loving  a colour clash at the moment, red against blue, who knew..



TOP; ASOS LOVE this from ASOS!


SHOES; Topshop

BAG; Zara


This week my edit will be on ‘Date night’ outfit pieces for you to shop or if you don’t ‘date night’, then pieces that will make you feel like a babe if you’re taken or single!

  1. Topshop Red Glitter Heels
  2. Zara Embellished heeled boots
  3. Topshop Embellished Cami dress
  4. Topshop Black feather skirt
  5. Y.A.S Green trouser suit LOVE this from ASOS!
  6. Topshop Black feather trouser suit
  7. Topshop striped sequin trousers
  8. ASOS trapeze shirt dress LOVE this from ASOS!
  9. ASOS tux pearl mini dress LOVE this from ASOS!

RED ❤️

**Flicks Hair**

I’ve now cut all these lovely long locks off.. I was getting super tired of my hair, I’ve done it once before and got too jealous of seeing the likes of Olivia Culpo rocking her beautiful bob, so snip, and the hair was gone. Im going to try and keep it up this time 💇🏻

Anyway.. RED, the power colour.

Colour of the season, I have embraced this trend in the form of jumpers, trousers and shoes. All or nothing kinda gal’..

Again a great way to brighten up your outfit with a statement colour like red. This jumper was more of an orangey red which I love! The jumper is from Mango and you can get it now.

I paired it with my new Alexander McQueen trainers and you you guessed it, they are red metallic on the backs 😉


Sunglasses; MIU MIU

Jumper; Mango


Shoes; Alexander McQueen

There are so many hot pieces out there at the moment, so to keep to the current theme, here are my weekly picks you can grab now & they’re all red ❤️ 


  1. Y.A.S Red Dress LOVE this from ASOS!
  2. Bec & Bridge Red satin top LOVE this from ASOS!
  3. River Island red heels Checkout this Red high vamp block heel sandals from River Island
  4. ASOS red long sleeved mini dress LOVE this from ASOS!
  5. Givenchy heels
  6. Zimmerman dress
  7. Missguided Red heeled sandals
  8. Missguided Red aviator Jacket LOVE this from ASOS!