Black is everything, until you embrace colour 🌸

BLACK, GREY AND MORE BLACK.. I was the worst culprit for hiding behind black, my wardrobe was strictly monochrome only..

Until I found a style muse (the babes you find on Insta, everyone has one) who rocked all of this colour and looked great for it! Blew my mind. So I started to dabble in the pool of colour, and now what do you know, I love colour! In fact, most of my wardrobe is bright pinks, oranges and colourful metallics.

I implore you to go out and invest in a shirt like the one I’m wearing here from the lovely Elle Belle Attire (they do some lovely pieces, well worth checking them out), it reminds me so much of Gucci, I love the neck tie that comes with it! By embracing some colour, you’ll find a new lease of style, but most importantly the monochromes can definitely stay too, note my favourite Zara trousers still piece together my outfit.

So we can keep the dark but also let in the light! Happy shopping xo



SHIRT; Elle Belle Attire



BAG; Yves Saint Laurent

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