The life of Me


So, I’ve started a blog.. Not because I want to jump on the ‘blog bandwagon’ but because I am a sort of ‘Shopaholic’.

I want this to be a space where I share my ideas and LOVE of clothes with the big wide world. Fashion is my thing, and if I can share this with people and they like what I do then I have a good thing going.

In a world of such influential social media, especially Instagram, I feel like we see so many beautiful people in their beautiful clothes and we’re all thinking, “I HAVE TO HAVE THAT OUTFIT”.. And its never tagged!

So this is what I am setting out to do, I want to carry on being the mad shopaholic that I am, but I want to share this with all you lovely people on my way. I will post about latest purchases, where I got them from to all the new latest trends coming through whether we can get them designer or even better, HIGH STREET.

So that’s me, Gabrielle and I am here to tell you all my fashion secrets, stay posted xo




Location ; The Cinnamon Club, London

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